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Post  Moofier on Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:17 pm

So if you've found yourself on this page right now then that means your hoping to become a member of Off Constantly [.oc]. We are looking for people typically 18+ in years of age, although we reserve the right to make exceptions. The clan is profiled as semi-casual, meaning we accept casual players as well as those looking to compete in tournaments. We'd like only serious applicants to fill out an app, if you don't plan on being an avid member of the clan and active on the forums, don't read on any further. So what we need to know about you is the following, and in this format:

***Start a new thread titled as "Application: (username)" and then provide the following...
Name: (Not your nickname/username/gamertag, we want your first name)
Location: (Timezone)
Xbox 360 Gamertag:
Hours of play per week:
Gaming Experience:
Any other additional information about yourself:

We're going to want to see you actively participate on the forums before we make any decision on allowing you in the clan, so come around often and speak up. Allow up to 2 days before a decision is made. If accepted you will be instructed further on what to do.

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